CAFAA 2020 賞金300万円 副賞 デルフィナ財団(英・ロンドン)レジデンス滞在制作 CAFAA 2020 賞金300万円 副賞 デルフィナ財団(英・ロンドン)レジデンス滞在制作

CAFAA (Contemporary Art Foundation Artist Award)

The purpose of the Contemporary Art Foundation Artist Award (CAFAA) is to select a promising artist and provide the opportunity to advance their careers. 3 finalists will be chosen to hold an exhibition simultaneously within Tokyo, in which the final Grand Prize winner will be chosen. We are working in partnership with the Delfina Foundation and in addition to the 3 million yen prize money, the Grand Prix winner will receive an opportunity to have a 3month residency at the Delfina Foundation in London.

CAFAA2020-2021 General Comment

“The selection process was difficult; in the midst of this devastating COVID-19 pandemic, all three finalists laid out their unique worldviews in thought-provoking exhibitions. INOMATA interrogated the concept of authorship in postmodern art by equating non-human living beings with humans and machines, while Kanazawa depicted the variability of information inundating our present-day society as a constellation in the potential lifework, ʻDrawings on newspaper.ʼ Taguchi presented the meaning of collaboration to survive the ages, whether in the arts or otherwise, through illustrations visualizing Taguchiʼ s inspiration and a project for building temporary shelters. The selection process focused on what each artist would gain from spending three months in London. Ultimately, we decided to award Kanazawa, whose work is apt to be a constant confrontation with the self and who will likely make great strides as an artist for that reason by engaging with other artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.” Mami Kataoka

Grand Prix

  • Grand Prix

    Sumi Kanazawa

    Sumi Kanazawa

    "Drawings on newspaper"
    10th Jul - 23rd Jul 2021



Born in Hyogo, Japan(1979), lives and works in Tokyo a third-generation Japanese resident of Korean descent studied at Kyoto Seika University (Master of Fine Art, 2005) Kanazawa has participated in numerous exhibitions and residency programs in Japan and South Korea. In 2013 and 2014, she stayed at Baengnyeong-do, known as the closest island to North Korea and showed a project work using fences of barbed wire. Recent major exhibitions include "Erase and See" (Youkobo Art Space / Tokyo / 2018 / solo exhibitions), "Artists in FAS 2018" (Fujisawa City Art Space / Kanagawa / 2018), "Beyond The Sun" (Incheon Art Platform / South Korea / 2019).

“I would put my kid to bed and work on this piece under an incandescent light in my tiny living room. I enjoyed the quiet hours I spent there, shining a small light on words and graphics that might have otherwise disappeared after a few days, months, or years, and contemplating the galaxy Iʼ d yet to fully see. Having received this award, I feel like a light has been shined onto my work and the long hours spent on it. Iʼ m thrilled to meet so many highly intelligent artists of various roots and backgrounds throughout my residency in London, and to be thinking about what Iʼ ll gain from and how Iʼ ll change in a diverse society. Iʼ m grateful for this opportunity.”Sumi Kanazawa

Exhibition Photo by Keizo Kioku, 3D Archive by ARCHI HATCH, Movie by Ryuichi Maruo


  • Director, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

    Director, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

    Mami Kataoka

    Born 1965 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Kataoka was Chief Curator at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (1997-2002) prior to the Mori Art Museum (2003-) where she assumed the office of Director on January 1, 2020. Kataoka was also International Curator at the Hayward Gallery, London (2007-2009); Co-Artistic Director for the 9th Gwangju Biennale, South Korea (2012); and Artistic Director of the 21st Biennale of Sydney (2018). She has been serving as a Board Member of CIMAM [International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art] (2014-) and was appointed the President of CIMAM 2020-2022. Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduate School of Art and Design Studies; Visiting Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts’ Faculty of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts; Chair of Japanese Contemporary Art Committee, Art Platform Japan [Initiative by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan]; and Member of AICA [International Association of Art Critics], Kataoka frequently writes, lectures, and juries on contemporary art from Japan, Asia and beyond.

    Photo by Ito Akinori

  • Eungie Joo

    Curator of Contemporary Art
    at the San Francisco Museum
    of Modern Art

    Eungie Joo

    Eungie Joo is curator of contemporary art at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art since 2017. She was Artistic Director of the 5 th Anyang Public Art Project/APAP 5 (2016) in Korea; Curator of Sharjah Biennial 12: The past, the present, the possible (2015) in the United Arab Emirates; and Director of Art and Cultural Programs at Instituto Inhotim in Brazil. From 2007-2012, Joo was Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Programs at the New Museum, New York, where she spearheaded the Museum as Hub program, an international partnership of arts organizations to explore artistic, curatorial, and institutional practice. Joo was curator of the 2012 New Museum Generational Triennial: The Ungovernables, published the Art Spaces Directory (2012), a guide to over 400 independent art spaces from over ninety-six countries, and edited the volume Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education (2009). She was commissioner of the Korean Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009, organizing the exhibition Condensation: Haegue Yang. Joo was founding Director and Curator of the Gallery at REDCAT, Los Angeles. She received her doctorate from the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of California at Berkeley.

    photo by Heinz Peter Knes

  • アーロン・セザー

    Founding Director
    of Delfina Foundationt

    Aaron Cezar

    Aaron Cezar is the founding Director of Delfina Foundation, where he develops, curates and oversees its interrelated programme of residencies, exhibitions and public platforms. In addition to directing Delfina Foundation’s programmes, Aaron has curated external exhibitions, performances and programmes at Hayward Gallery Project Space, SongEun Artspace, ArtBo, and Art Dubai, to name a few. As part of the official public programme of the 58th Venice Art Biennale, he conceived the opening week and final weekend performances with Ralph Rugoff. Aaron is Advisor-at-Large at Art Jameel, one of Delfina Foundation’s strategic partners, and he has been appointed to numerous boards, committees and advisory groups. In 2017, Aaron was awarded an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College of Arts, London.

    Credit: Tim Bowditch


  • Finalists



    "How to Carve a Sculpture"
    1st Jun - 14th Jun 2021


B. 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo.
AKI INOMATA graduated with an MFA in Inter-media Art from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2008. In 2017, she stayed in New York on an Individual Fellowship Grant from the Asian Cultural Council. Focusing on how the act of “making” is not exclusive to mankind, AKI INOMATA develops the process of collaboration with living creatures into artworks.
Her recent exhibitions include “AKI INOMATA: Significant Otherness” Towada Art Center, Aomori, Japan (2019), “The XXII Triennale di Milano” La Triennale di Milano (2019), “Thailand Biennale 2018″ Krabi, Thailand (2018) and “Aki Inomata, Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs ?” (Musee de Nantes, France, 2018).

  • Finalists

    Yukihiro Taguchi

    Yukihiro Taguchi

    18th Jun - 1st July 2021



Yukihiro Taguchi born in 1980 Osaka and currently lives in Berlin, Germany.
He travels to the land where he creates and finds materials and wastes that are unique to the place, and uses them to create an installation that suits the situation in the city or in the exhibition space. The process of production, events, performances, etc. are incorporated into stop-motion videos and short films to create works.



JPY 3,000,000

Additional prize

Artist Residency at the Delfina Foundation (London, U.K.)


  • Application Fee: None
  • Art shipping budget for the finalists
  • Up to JPY 500,000 project budget for each of the finalists


Delfina Foundation (DF) is more than London’s largest international residency programme – it is a home where the next generation of contemporary artists, curators and thinkers are supported and promoted.
Based in two newly renovated Edwardian houses in central London, DF is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering artistic talent and facilitating exchange through residencies and public programmes ranging from workshops to exhibitions, both in the UK and with international partners.
Founded by arts philanthropist Delfina Entrecanales CBE, DF is the successor to Delfina Studio Trust. From 1988 to 2006, Delfina Studio held an unprecedented record for supporting artists through residencies and exhibitions, including more than a dozen Turner Prize nominees.(


  • Graduated about 10 to 15 years ago from an educational institution
  • Japanese artists and artists residing in Japan.
  • The exhibition program is open to artists working in all disciplines.
  • Entries are limited to unpublicized work. However,
    published artwork may also be displayed at the exhibition.
  • Working in units or collectively as a group is approved. However,
    every member must fulfill the application requirements.
  • You must be able to send your artworks to Tokyo for the exhibition
    and be able to attend the final screening both held in October.


If you have questions please contact:


Contemporary Art Foundation